y does my comp.shutoff after 15mins of sims2?

April 12, 2011 at 05:39:01
Specs: Windows Vista
So here's the problem: I turn on my laptop. Fine. I wait for it to log on. Fine after that i turn on Sims. Fine I start to play - And after 15-13 minutes, My whole computer shuts off. And i can't turn it back on until 15 minutes later. ?! this is very very annoying!! PLEASE HELP! i have enough of this! this hasn't happened before.It just started now! ugh!! I have tried to uninstall sims and install it again and again i deleted some pictures an movies for more memory and nothing! i turn off every application playing aim,skype , i even disconnect from the internet But STILL NOTHING!!!! Please Help! i just want to pay sims without any of this crap going on !!! PLEASE HELP!! :(

( I have installed - Sims 2 Original , Bon Voyage, Open For Business, and Nightlife earlier i played with no problem these games. and now my computer Turns off!!!! )

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April 12, 2011 at 06:15:54
U didn't bother post the laptop model #. I suspect cpu is overheating, check cpu temp while playing game(use hwmonitor or aida64 to check cpu temp), all u need to do is pause it then minimize and open aida64 or hwmonitor.

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April 12, 2011 at 10:04:43
wut are ur laptop specs?
check temps as kuwese said. could be cpu overheat.
check to see if there is a virus in the pc and make sure u dont game while on a cloth laptops tend to overheat when on a cloth put it on wood or something like that. and if u can clean the dust from inside it

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