Solved Will the 244hz refresh rate be the max for a good while?

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February 21, 2018 at 08:39:34
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Hello, since I do not keep up with PC and gaming news daily anymore due to work, I was wondering if there is any news of a higher refresh rate gaming monitors coming soon or is 244hz going to be the max refresh rate for the next couple of years or so? Because I am thinking about getting a 244hz but don't want a 320hz to come out in a few months. I know technology is always improving but want to at least get my money's worth for the time being.

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February 22, 2018 at 01:27:49
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I seriously think 144Hz is enough, higher refreshrate do give better response time, but thats only if your gpu can output 144 frames a second.

Also be sure to buy a Gsync monitor if you have an NVidia video card & a freesync monitor for AMD video cards, those will prefent the screen from tearing, here is an example:

EXTRA INFO (because you're asking for a higher than 60Hz monitor):

if you your gpu can output more frames than yourmonitors refreshrate & you want to have a lower response time, (esports titles), you can turn on a low latency setting.

for Nvidia cards: Fast sync
for amd cards: enhanched sync.

both do the same, turning this option on in your driver control panel will alow you to play games at higher frames a second, (16ms delay at 60fps, 1ms delay at 1000fps), without tearing the screen.

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