Solved Why is my computer underperforming?

April 12, 2016 at 14:04:42
Specs: Windows 10
So, I have a Toshiba L50-A-18U laptop. I've had it for just over 2 years, and it has served me well until now. I use it for casual gaming, games like Minecraft and League of Legends, that don't need good gpu's to run on. However, about 6 months ago, I've noticed something weird going on. Whenever I turned on the laptop, I had to close it for it to sleep and turn it back on again, because it would really underperform if I didn't do it, to the point where youtube videos wouldn't load properly. So what I think is happening now is that even if I do that same thing, it keeps underperforming. I went from playing at 100-120 fps in league of legends with very high settings, to playing with a fair amount of lag at very low settings. Also, I know that my laptop is very dusty, and I'm gonna solve that problem soon (coretemp displays my cpu temperature at about 90ÂșC when gaming, and I know it underperforms too because of that, but it has done it for some time too and never as bad) but I don't think that's the reason. My GPU Drivers are also updated.
Do you know what I should do to get this fixed? If you need any more details just tell me.

Also, sorry if my english isn't perfect, as it's not my first language.

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April 12, 2016 at 15:16:27
You need to do your clean up and get that temperature down first because it is clouding the issue. After that we can review the situation and look elsewhere if necessary.

If it hasn't been defragmented for years there's nothing lost trying it (unless it's an SSD), although HD fragmentation is not the issue it used to be.

Check in Task Manager to see if there are any items in startup or elsewhere which do not really need to run all the time.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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April 12, 2016 at 20:49:32
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First, clean out the laptop or have it cleaned properly if you are not comfortable doing it and a can of compressed air is not enough to do it any longer. You must get those temps down because that will severely hurt your performance. Your system is throttling back on the CPU and graphics because that helps keep the temps from climbing higher and forcing a shut down or damage.
Second, when the temps are under control, run Disk Clean Up (Computer, right click on C drive, choose Properties and then Disk Clean Up. Check all boxes when it offers options and then clean.
Third, Run Malwarebytes to make sure you do not have any malware effecting your system.
Fourth, Check Task Manager to see if anything it drawing an unusual amount of processing power, uninstall if not needed (Google name if not sure what it is or if you need it) or go into the program's settings and unselect 'start with Windows' so it will only run when you want it to.
Report results for possible more advice.

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