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Which device device to encode a DD/DDL/DTS stream over HDMI

April 3, 2018 at 08:18:48
Specs: Windows 10, Ryzen 1600, 32GB Dominator RAM
I cannot believe with all the money in the world , you cannot get your super expensive, high end PC with 1080Ti video card , to simply encode or pass-though DDL, DD, or DTS audio though HDMI .

What ever media I play locally ( hookup to TV) or stream from my PC ( via Moonlight Android gamestream ) , the audio always gets encoded and passed to the TV in 2.0 stereo .
However My Smart TV ( and many TV's before this one ) can pass-though 5.1 , to a sound system ( via toshlink optical ) from a Sony console just fine , and also pass-though 5.1 DD/DTS from its native video application ( android Netflix ) but , for whatever reason ( this really really looses me - I wish NVIDIA would pull their hand out their ass ) the Video card cannot encode 5,1 via HDMI or take an input from the motherboard audio ( they did this with older cards I think?.

This is super frustrating , I used to have an old PS3 which passed 5.1 though HDMI ( then the TV to the sound system - via optical ) just fine ,as well as my Xbox , and DVD player via HDMI .

However I would like to access my Games from my bedroom PC , and stream them to my 4K TV in my cinema room and get true 5.1 surround sound ( not virtual surround or up-mixing) does the NVIDIA stream , or other console / device allow to stream games from PC to console , while encoding the sound to 5.1 DDL/DD.DTS?

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April 5, 2018 at 00:15:19
"Which device device . . . . . . "

LOL - - what's a "device device"?

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