[UDK] Tactical Assault (Tactical Ops 3)

March 25, 2010 at 09:17:30
Specs: Windows XP

TA ( [url=http://tactical-assault.com]Tactical Assault[/url]) is a full game based on Unreal Development Kit technology that will focus on combining tactical gameplay with arcade style and speed; while utilizing the immense power of the UT3 Engine.

It's a new chapter in the Tactical Ops serie. But the devlopment team was forced to choose a different name than Tactical Ops, because Tactical Ops Assault On Terror was released as a standalone game, and there where some issues with copyright.
Tactical Assault will also be a standalone game, but a standalone game for free !


The gameplay will be based on squad based team play like top first person shooters such as COD4 and Counter Strike, while still capturing the one man army feel of a Rambo Film! It will pit the Strike Force against Mercenaries in intense round based objectives and stunning scenarios. [url=http://tactical-assault.com]Tactical Assault[/url] offers a wide variety of modern weaponry................







and beautifully rendered maps ............






The devlopment team is hard at work producing new maps that give the right feel for the game, they will reward team play while still allowing opportunities for individuals to shine and capture their glory. If you love action-packed first person shooters with great community involvement, then stay tuned.

Tactical-Assault has a nice and close community. There are already more than 1000 registered members at the forum. The most of them are true Tactical-Ops fans.
The difference with allot of other games is, that the devlopment team listens to the comunity.

The [url=http://tactical-assault.com]Tactical Assault[/url] Development Team is an international effort. They have fans from all over the world as well. Many of the team members have years of experience working with game creation and are very active within UDK and FPS communities. The team is working hard everyday to ensure that the first release to the public will surprise you with its quality. The team is very friendly and welcomes any and all help. Feel free to stop by and apply for a position or just post your suggestions on the forum.






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March 29, 2010 at 13:27:51
I always thought Tactical Ops was sh*t. Prefered Infiltration myself, with the added bonus that Infiltration's devs never sold out and didn't make people pay for a mod.

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