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January 27, 2009 at 12:55:59
Specs: Windows XP, 2.6 AMD 5000+/4 Gigs
Ok, well I am having problems here... I am set up with:

2.6 GHZ AMD CPU OC'd to 3.0 GHZ
4 Gigs Gaming Ram ddr2 800
9500GT Nvidia Video Card

All seem to be running fine, I even have the Video Card OC'd a tad bit, not much though. Anyways...

I am running COD4 on lowest settings at 75 htz refresh rate, and it seems to run fine, but when it gets into heavy fire zones or where I am running around a lot, it starts to "screen jump" or "picture book" itself. I mean, come on... I could understand this at MAX settings, but everything is set to low, and im still getting this... Whats going on? anyone have any suggestions?

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January 27, 2009 at 14:47:50
The 9500GT isn't a great card, especially if it uses slow GDDR2 memory rather than fast GDDR3. Either way, it certainly doesn't qualify as "sweet".

75Hz refresh rate on what type of monitor? CRT or LCD? At what resolution? What's the make/model & size of the monitor?

Is your system properly overclocked?

If you have a 5000+ Black Edition, you should have done this:

- raise CPU multi to 15x
- leave CPU frequency at 200MHz
- HT at 5x (or 1000MHz)
- RAM speed at DDR2-800 (or AUTO)
- lock PCIe at 100MHz
- disable Cool 'n' Quiet
- disable all Spread Spectrum settings

But if you have a standard X2 5000+, you should have done this:

- lower CPU multi to 12x
- raise CPU frquency to 250MHz
- HT lowered to 4x (or 800MHz)
- lower RAM speed to DDR2-667
- lock PCIe at 100MHz
- disable Cool 'n' Quiet
- disable all Spread Spectrum settings

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January 27, 2009 at 16:32:04
I have my CPU OC'd almost to that... It is the standard edition. I will go back into BIOS and fix the RAM speed.

My monitor is a Compaq 7500 series CRT...maybe a 15 or 16", not quite sure...Should I lower the Hz to like 60 or keep it raised? I dont know much about the refresh rate. thanks for the info though, so far its great help.

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