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June 4, 2009 at 15:58:55
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Hi all.

When I'm getting hammered (killed) in a game, I sometimes fire up a game trainer to get me past a certain point where I keep dying. The trainers out there will usually have an option like "godmode", "unlimited health", "unlimited ammo", etc.

I played the original Stalker, Shadow of Chernobyl, and I recently got Clear Sky.

With Clear Sky, no matter what trainer I've tried, none of them seem to work.

And in case you were going to ask, yes, I'm aware that you have to use the trainer that's specific to the version of the game you have, the version it's "patched" to.

I've tried the original retail version right out of the box, then version 1.5.03, 1.5.04, 1.5.07..........

You probably know of the web site called GameCopyWorld; they've got lots of trainers there.

And no, I'm not using an EXE crack because I know that sometimes they interfere with the correct operation of a trainer.

Another web site you might know of is CheatHappens. They make some pretty good quality trainers, but, they are also a "membership" site. When they first release a trainer, it's only available to the paying members first, and then it's released to the general public. Some trainers are NEVER released to the general public. Guess what one of those trainers is? Yup......Stalker, Clear Sky.

Anyone else have trouble getting ANY trainer to work with Clear Sky?

If you know of a certain version of the game (1.5.03, 1.5.04, 1.5.07.........) and a SPECIFIC trainer that will work with it.....please let me know what it is and where I can get it. I'm willing to un-install and go to whatever version of the game that is needed.


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June 4, 2009 at 18:39:38
Used a few trainers from there, all have worked fine for me. Just start up the trainer first, run stalker, and press the corresponding key. You should hear a weird sound or so and the desired effect will be there. I used the no weight cap one for example, worked fine.

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