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Running Diablo 1 On Windows 8

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Well I installed Diablo on my win8 64bit computer I run compatibility troubleshooter and select windows vista service pack 2, click on test the program and the game runs and works fine loads up and I can play it but after I exit the game then save the setting and try to run Diablo it doesn’t work at all. Is there any fix for this for windows 8.

Note: I tricked it into working created a new short cut after selecting Windows XP sp3 in the troubleshooter clicking test program running the game, quitting the game and closed the program as instructed by windows and clicking save this setting, and now it loads and works great from my new shortcut just has an error when you quit playing the game where windows ask you if program should be closed. No big deal really.

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  1. Good idea with the shortcut, but according to Microsoft this should work out the box..

    Windows 8 compatibility for diablo 1

    What error messages (if any) arise when it is run without compatibility settings?

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