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April 23, 2009 at 23:12:04
Specs: Windows Vista, 4 GB
Hello. My computer has 4 GB of RAM, Duo Core 5500 2.7 MHZ CPU. I have a 1GB 9500 GT Nvidia, Windows Vista. I play a game called Darkfall Online, and I am having an input device delay time. When I move my mouse in the game window, there is about a half second delay on my computer from when I move my mouse to when the in-game character reacts to it. Also, when I type, or do any kind of input in the game; there is the same half second delay time. The issue is not ping. When I run the game, it only consumes up to 30% of my CPU and 2 GB of RAM.

This issue does not occur outside of Darkfall, but does in some other games. When I crank the settings of the graphics up to the maximum, there is a half-second delay. When I turn the setting to minimum, there is the same half-second delay.

I cannot begin to describe how annoying this is. My computer is brand new, and the drivers are up to date according to the Vista Device Manager scans. Also, I have even updated the Graphics card driver from the manufacturers website. . I have an older computer with worse equipment on Vista, I have had it for years; and the delay does not occur on it.

I have tried changing mouses, and everything I can think of and the issue on the computer described originally is still not running properly in game!

Now, I am willing to provide any necessary information that I have not included here. I really want this resolved, but it really is a hard problem to find a fix to.

Thank you in advance for help, I really appreciate it!

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April 24, 2009 at 08:12:22
Now, I could be wrong, but the same thing occasionally happens to me when I'm playing games online on the XBox 360 (I threw a pipebomb but it was still in my hand, so I threw it again and because it was only there because of a delay about 10 seconds later, the pipebomb was thrown and I promptly shot one of my teammates). It happens only at certain times of day when there is a lot of traffic on the net and in particular in certain game lobbies. Before you write it off immediately as a computer issue make sure it isn't just traffic on the broadband line. Just to test it, see if trying to play online at different times of day or in a private lobby with just one friend makes any difference as from what I can see you have a PC that should be well able to handle the game.

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April 24, 2009 at 10:57:22
"Duo Core 5500 2.7 MHZ CPU"

Do you mean dual core Pentium E5400 2.7GHz CPU?

The 9500GT is not a great gaming card. Hopefully you didn't pay much for it. MicroCenter had them on sale earlier this week for $15 after $15 rebate.

Keep your resolution & game settings turned down. Other than that, scan for viruses & malware/spayware, run a cleaner such as CCleaner Slim or Glary Utilities, & run MSCONFIG to disable any unnecessary programs from loading at startup. Generally, the only apps you need to load are antivirus & firewall...just about anything else can be started on an as-needed basis.

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