problem with installation

January 4, 2010 at 00:09:45
Specs: Windows XP
I'm trying to get this video card properly
installed on my computer.

The video card was inserted and the drivers
installed from the included CDrom. After
shutdown, the monitor was then plugged into
the video card and upon start up, the screen
stayed black. After restarting again (this time
with monitor plugged into orginal spot), the
monitor worked this time, but after less than a
minute, the screen would go black again. This
happened repeatedly until the drivers were

More info:

The motherboard only had pci slots. so this
pci video card was purchased.

Probable issues are the following:

Updated drivers may be necessary, which
ones and where to download them.

There is a possible issue with disabling the on
board graphics stuff
to prevent issues with the video card. i can't
seem to find
instructions on how to disable it manually in
favor of the video card.

There is a possible issue with the power
supply. not sure if it can
handle the card as it's probably a stock piece
of crap. (more so than
the video card anyway)

There is a possible issue with the video card
receiving power. it came
with no power cable in the box but it has a 2
pin power connector
tucked under the heat sink visible in the
picture on newegg. do i go
buy this cable at radio shack or do i look for
one inside of a
computer at the 2nd hand store so it's 10
cents? if i need to do this,
how would i go about plugging it onto the
mother board? i only found
pin slots on the mother board which read stuff
like "LED" and
"CaseFan". is that gonna carry enough juice?

There is a possible future issue should this
card get working. heat.
this is a tiny little case without great air flow.
what can i do to
ensure the thing doesn't melt after 3 months or
melt this summer when
it gets really hot here? do i get a pci slot fan
which works inside
the case to blow case air onto the passive
cooling thing for the video
card? is it best to take the side of the case off
and set up a giant
fan pointed directly at the open case? what
possible options are

system specs are
cpu:pentiumd 2.66ghz
mb:mercury pi865d7
ram:1 gb ddr1 ram

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January 4, 2010 at 01:30:18
it came
with no power cable in the box but it has a 2
pin power connector

The video card requires its own power source from the Power Supply
There are no data cables that plug into the Motherboard from the Video card

Yes purchase the power cable (that should have come with a new video card) and plug it into your Power Supply

Or purchase a Power Supply that has this power outlet to the Video card


Note: If you had asked before purchasing the PCI Video card for your system. I would have said > Don't

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January 6, 2010 at 08:02:22
it might be cz ur PSU is not giving any power at all to ur card
like the other dudes said be sure to connect the card to the PSU using the plugs
second solution make sure that on integrated gfx card is disabled from th bios b4 iserting ur new card

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