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Rich February 3, 2009 at 12:15:41
Specs: Windows vista 32mb
Hey all,

Just a quick question relating my computer. I just installed an ati sapphire 4870 graphics card, I ran hot cup tester and speed fan after and got some high temperature reading inside the case.
I have bought and fitted one scythe 10cm fan (2000rmp) and one scythe 8cm fan (2000rpm).
The temperature now is like an ice box lol, but both fans are running 100% as I connected them both to my power supply with one yellow wire plugged into the MB.
My question to you is, is this ok? Running 100% all the time or will they break down on me? If so any suggestions? Cheers.

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February 3, 2009 at 13:51:23
It would help if you'd list your temps. Don't trust SpeedFan. Compare your temps to the BIOS & try other monitoring sofware as well.

You really only need one case exhaust fan in the rear.

"A single rear exhaust fan produces the best results overall. This flushes the theory of more is better right out the door."

And no, running your fans at full speed won't hurt the fans. Eventually they'll go bad...all fans do. Bearing type has a huge difference on lifespan, plus regular dust removal. Sleeve bearings are the cheapest & burn out the quickest. There's also ball bearing, rifle, fluid, ceramic, etc. Personally, I prefer 120mm fans with ceramic bearings. Mine spin at 1300 RPM & are barely audible.

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