My Computer stops while playing good games

Intel Core 2 quad q8400 quad core proces...
June 29, 2009 at 22:39:52
Specs: Windows Vista 64-bit
I have this new computer about a month old and if i start playing crysis warhead in high resoulutions the computer stops or play crysis in medium resolution for sometime again it stops. Not only Crysis but any good new games like SIMS 3.. but NFS Undercover plays well in full resolution..
i have core 2 quad processor 3mb cache and 8 gb ddr3 ram..
I have a GTX 260 896MB graphic card but i dunno why my computer stops i have 500GB hard disk and 450 W power supply a case with a cooling fan.. What should i do?? plz help i want to play crysis in high reolutions..

And one more thing if i dont use a ups then my power supply gets spoilt and it wont work if i use a ups and then play, then my ups starts screaming like i used my computer for long tme with a powercut and then stops..

Plz help i bought this computer so i an play happily but i cannot do what i want to...


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June 30, 2009 at 00:02:33
first of all are u saying that ya pc shuts down while playing games like Crysis after a minimal period of time but plays ok for a while, if so then it sounds like u have heating issue, basically crysis for example is extremely graphic demanding so what is happening is ya pc stops and shuts down to prevent ya cpu from burning out i presume u have a stock heatsink cooling fan..? u can set the shut down level temp higher in ya bois setup but dont set it to high just another 5degrees or so then check crysis again.....this is a common problem with demanding games....keeping ya pc as cool as possible is most important. i,m presuming if u play low graphical games it is fine..! if u get a free cpu temp program u can check ya temps when this happens go to google and type in HWMonitor and D/l the free software then install it then check temps when its shuts down. ya cpu shouldnt get above 60c at any a temporary measure. take of ya pc side panel off and blow a fast fan into it aiming at ya cpu then try crysis again if it improves thats ya problem then u need to upgrade ya cpu heatsink cooling fan ok ......

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June 30, 2009 at 00:36:57
thank u very much for ur help but i dont understand the voltages and temperatures.. But without playing games and only using the internet the HWmonitor temperatures looked like this:

Value Min Max
Zone 2 : 38 C (100F) 38 C (100F) 38 C (100F)
System: 44 C (111F) 44 C (111F) 44 C (111F)
CPU: 41 C (105F) 41 C (105F) 41 C (105F)

GeForce GTX 260 Temperatures:
GPU 60 C (140F) 60 C (140F) 60 C (140F)

HDD Temperatures:
HDD 41 C (105F) 41 C (105F) 41 C (105F)

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