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Looking for a video game on PC from early 90's.

October 1, 2012 at 20:26:27
Specs: Windows 95/98
I have very little information, so i'll do my best to be descriptive from what I was remember. I was anywhere from 5-9 years old, born in 1990, when I first seen this game and i've tried for years to find it.

I *thought* that I remembered the name of the video game being "Necropolis", either Win 95 or 98 era. The only thing I remember about it is (vaguely) the cover of the game case itself. It had a blue/green or turquoise cover, with maybe a floral pattern or tribal on it. It has a woman in a...moderately revealing or risque outfit, lying on her side "pin-up" style or even possibly crouching, holding swords or daggers, probably a picture of a city behind it. It was an "M" rated video game, and I never got to play it because of my age and my dad wouldn't let me play it (but he'd let me play Duke Nukem 3D?). Also, I believe it may have been about vampires/hunters, demons, not so sure...But I do know that it was about a modern day city being plagued by a evil force of some sort. Bottom line, i'd remember the cover of the game case if I seen it.

Anywho, I believe it came out about the same time as "Myst", "Hover", Duke 3D, Quake, etc. and i've tried for 17 ish years to find/play this game. This is all the information I have on this, and anyone who can help me figure it out will help me stop a 17-year long-running incessant NAGGING! THANK YOU in advance!!! :)

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October 2, 2012 at 09:04:54
I am trying to find it but can you remember the country of the gamee. Where it was made because so i would use that countrys google search. Thanks anyways
PS I am still finding it

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