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kids computer game that i cant remember!

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Im looking for an old computer game i used to play as a kid.

i remember it came on a set of discs which were called “kids or kidz club” 1,2,3. one of them was fairytale:a true story, and another was the one i was looking. i can remember so much about it but not the name!

You played as a kid that as the start broke the tv remote and the cartoons escaped from the tv and took over your hotel,
you then had to go round the entire hotel getting the keys and stuff for each room and in each room was a different setting.
the main cartoons were two cats(one blue, one pink) who kept causing you trouble and throwing you into paintings and stuff.
there was a greek style room where you had to shoot the characters with arrows, a mad scientist room where you had to play “shlepordy”, a cafe where you had to make a cat eat all the cakes to explode, a fairground one where you had more mini games.

the object was to zap all the cartoons back into the tv with your remote. i can remember so much about it but i just need the name!!

any help would be greatly appreciated =)


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    With your help i have finally found the game!!!its called “stay tuned”…

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