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Solved If Bluestacks App Player is Free Why Do They Want Me To Pay?

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After I download Bluestacks app player and started playing they want me to subscribe for $2 a month to continue using their software. Is this normal or a scam?
And actually it’s a choice between downloading & trying out some app’s I’m not interested in and subscribing for $2 a month.


1 Answer

  1. There are two versions of the player – – Standard & Premium.

    The Standard version with sponsored ads is free.

    The faster Premium version without ads is subscription-based, currently $24 per year.

    If you want the free version, do not click the “Buy Now” button on the left.
    Instead, click “Install our sponsored apps” on the right.

    See this:…

    It’s all very simple, even my 8-year old daughter understands it.

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