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Solved I Want To Increase My Dedicated Video Memory

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I own a HP 2000 notebook PC with total available memory of 3072MB, dedicated video memory of 384MB, system video memory 0 and system shared memory 2688MB. I would like to increase my DVM to somewhat 1000MB, how can I do it?


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  1. “Dedicated” means a physical RAM chip devoted solely to graphics. It’s usually GDDR3 or GDDR5. The graphics memory in your laptop is “shared” from the system memory. You might be able to change the base allocation amount in the BIOS, but that means you’ll be lowering the amount available for the OS.

    You didn’t post the exact model of your laptop – there are dozens in the HP 2000 series – but most can accept up to 8GB (2x4GB). If you increase the system RAM, the base allocation for VRAM will increase. You may also have to upgrade to a 64-bit OS. You didn’t state which OS you’re running, but I doubt it’s Android.

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