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I need the name of a 90s PC children's video game...

August 19, 2012 at 20:15:11
Specs: Macintosh
The game started with the player being a little boy who is in his house on the ocean. His parents or something are marine biologists and they have a huge tank that connects to the ocean that a dolphin it trapped in. Before you deal with the dolphin, you are asked to clean oil off a seagull with dish soap and water. Once done with that, you go into the room with a tank that opens to the ocean. You have to do something to get the dolphin to clam down. Once calm, the dolphin talks to you and describes some sort of catastrophe that he or she needs help with. You agree to go with the dolphin and you swim out to see in a scuba suit or something. You clean up garbage on the way and once dived under the water, you clean up trash from fish, as well as visit a lion fish who is the oracle of the sea. There is also a cave full of radio active waste at some point that you are supposed to clear. Never was able to get past that part.. I really want to play this game once again but I need to know the name in order to find the dang thing.
Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

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August 20, 2012 at 00:38:16
Sounds like the early '90's Sierra adventure EcoQuest 1.

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