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Solved How do I make a Batch File Game Console with Online/Offline

November 2, 2015 at 19:37:38
Specs: Windows 8.1
Hello my name is James and I need help finding out how to make a Batch File Game Console with Online/Offline Mode, I also want to say that I'm trying to create a Batch File Game Engine, making Batch Files go Mobile/Streamable, and making a Batch File Controller to Connect to the Console, if there's any way to do this, please let me know (ASAP).

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November 3, 2015 at 07:38:16
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Short answer: Using batch, not a chance.

Long answer:
You'd be better off with a different language (like a C language or Java), what you're asking here is pretty much undoable with batch and even if someone were to pull it off it would be too slow and cumbersome to use. Batch files on mobile is out of the question, as you'd need a Windows emulator to make it work, and those are not supporting all batch features.
I've been experimenting with online communication through batch files using both BITS and FTP, they work great for downloading (and uploading, if you have the privileges) things from/to the web, but active communication is more difficult (as connecting and staying connected. Also, you'd need an online location to store communication files as batch does not offer direct communication as far as I know.

Enter ftp /? or bitsadmin /? in CMD to read more about the commands.

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November 3, 2015 at 10:02:28
Ok, thanks for your feedback, um I've already have a Simple Game Console that uses offline and I've made it with batch, the only that I need to do is Build a Online Server, I'll try C Language and/or JavaScript, I don't really know that code though, but I'll try it
Thanks RainBawZ

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