Help finding old alien game

May 1, 2011 at 12:17:41
Specs: Windows 95
Hello, I am trying to find an old windows game about aliens that my brother and I use to play when we were young. The plot line is that aliens came to earth and started attacking, and, naturally we had to get rid of them. I remember that we had the option to play in rounds (us, and then the aliens) or continuously. We could hire more people so that one player would command a team agains the aliens, and you could select which members of the team would go on the mission. I remember that we collected alien weapons so we could research them and later use them agains the aliens. We had to develop the base: i.e. build a research facility, a hangar, dorms, etc. At some point the aliens invaded our base and we had to get rid of them. I think that the first mission was to explore an alien ship that landed on a park. There were several (4 ?) races of aliens and, much later in the game, we went to each of their planets (via a dimentional portal) and destroyed some of their key buildings using a dimensional ship. I don't know how the game ended because our install copy was damaged and it didn't let us go on after that. Can anyone help me?

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May 1, 2011 at 14:07:16

After some research (and a bit of luck) I found the name of the game: XCOM: UFO Defense. It appears that XCOM has released a new update: XCOM: Alien Invasion, which suppose to be "better than all imitations of the original game." Thanks Everyone!

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May 2, 2011 at 11:32:05
It sounds like you're thinking about X-COM: Apocalypse (aka X-COM 3). That was the one with the optional RTS elements and dimension hopping. X-COM: UFO Defense was the first one, and the final mission took place on Mars.

Steam sells them for $5 a pop. The complete set is $15, but only 1 and 3 are worth playing.

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