Guild Wars Cripples to 7FPS

Hewlett-packard / A6702f
July 29, 2009 at 18:59:49
Specs: Vista 64bit, C2D 2.0 / 2GB
hiya I've been trying to play guild wars on my machine for a lil bit, until the lag suddenly started, it went from 61+ FPS to 7- FPS ... which is unplayable... the stats of my box are.

AMD Phenom 8550 Triple-Core 2.2GHz
500GB 7200rpm HDD
Nvidia 9100 Integrated Chip

now before anyone says to upgrade the card, or the card is the problem and blah blah blah.... the game im playing is GUILD WARS!!! not crysis... it runs on my P3 1GHz, 1 GB ram with a FX5500 (40ish FPS) so i think this box can do it juuuuust fine, i just cant figure out whats happening, what is the OS Changing to cripple the card to 7 FPS, plus the game played fine at 61 for the longest time so it def can handle the game. i also tried going from 1440 x 900 to 800 x 600 and lowered settings to Ugly (lowest) still 7FPS not even an improvement.
The computer model is an HP Pavilion a6702f

PS: I Hate Vista

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July 29, 2009 at 21:27:13
anyone knows?? even a confirmation that the 9100 can indeed play guild wars would be nice. tha tway i can focus my attention to a different location of the computer.

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July 30, 2009 at 15:40:32
Did I say anything about spelling or grammar? Believe it or not, my answer was meant as a joke...

Q = "anyone knows??"

A = "nobody cares"

As for whether you can play your game with the GF 9100, is there some reason why you can't check the system requirements?

or try here:

Guild Wars Wiki

Or use this:

Can you run it?

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