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good program for voiceover in videos

September 20, 2014 at 13:45:48
Specs: Windows 7 home premium, intel i7 3770k/8 gigs
hey everyone i was hoping you guys could help me, currently i'am trying to record some videos for YouTube of my game play using shadow play. I have a great mic (blue snowball), but the shadow play recordings make my voice sound very robotic. I tried using the windows sound recorder, but i have to exit my game to que the recording. I also have no experience in editing so having to cut out the beginning of every new segment would be a nightmare. So, can anyone help? i don't mind spending a few for some high quality programs, but then again, I don't do this for a living

thanks for your time

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October 10, 2014 at 09:31:23
I haven't had much experience with Shadowplay, but try looking around in it's settings and see if there's any options for the sample rate of the mic audio. If you can bump that up to 48k or 44.1k. It's also possible that you computer's audio system isn't very high quality and is causing the robotic sound. Have you recorded your voice with other programs and listened to it to see if it still sounds robotic?

I know some people have had success in the past with using an external camcorder/recorder to record the voice, and then pasting it over the video with what can basically be done drag&drop in WindowsMovieMaker. Not sure if this would be ideal in your case, considering it can be tricky to get the voice synced with the gameplay o within a few frames.

And since you're already using ShadowPlay, guess you don't really want to use Fraps, do you.

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