Good Homemade Computer Parts?

Lenovo Geforce 9500 gt video card
October 12, 2009 at 19:16:39
Specs: Windows XP
Hi everyone. I'm on a tight budget, $350 at the most. I want to build a very basic gaming computer to play simple games like COD4, COD5 and the new modern warfare 2. I've listed the parts that I think will work for the computer, can anyone look over them and let me know if these parts will work good together?

EVGA GeForce 9500 GT - $60
**ASUS M3A78 PRO -$70
**AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Processor -$60
**2GB Crucial DDR2 667 RAM -$25
**WD 320GB 7200rpm HDD -$50
**LCT Computer Case LT-26 Desktop -$40
*comes with a power supply.
**Windows XP ---FREE (already have it, and I hate Vista.)

-Please let me know what you think, and again, I'm on a tight budget, so please don't hate on this system. Thanks!

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October 13, 2009 at 01:09:52
There are things to consider when choosing vga card one of them is memory type, the card u choose(evga geforce 9500gt)has gddr2.I recomend ati hd 4670 with 512mb gddr3, 128bit, 750mhz core clock, 900mghz memory clock.But if u got extra bucks go 4 gefore 9600gt 512mb but u will need a decent psu.

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October 13, 2009 at 19:02:55
I'm reposting my reply here because one or both of your ads will be deleted due to double-posting. Try reading the forum rules instead of making wise-azz comments.

In order:

1. the 9500GT is crap, choose another card. You've been told several times to look at the Radeon HD4670, I suggest you do it.

2. choose a different board. Why get an AM2/AM2+ board when you can get an AM2+/AM3 board & take advantage of newer CPUs? Look at the AMD 785 with either the SB710 or SB750 southbridge. Avoid the older SB700.

3. and why get an old X2 CPU? If you were to get an AM2+/AM3 board, you could get an Athlon II X2 for the same price as the 6000+.

4. wrong RAM! You should at least be getting DDR-800.

5. HDD is OK.

6. you're not gonna get a decent PSU in a $40 case. A good PSU costs more than $40 all by itself. Chances are, if you use the PSU that comes with the case, it will eventually fry & when it does, you'll run the risk losing the CPU, board, etc. Invest in a quality PSU - you'll regret it if you don't.

Sorry, but your list is a poor configuration.

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