FPS problems in WoW

October 21, 2009 at 17:06:22
Specs: Windows XP

I am writing to inquire about my new video card setup. Yesterday I recieved my two new ATI Sapphire 5870 video cards. I installed them in the crossfire setup, and now am running 10-20 fps in World of Warcraft.

My equipment:
Mobo > EVGA X58 SLI Classified
Processor > I7 975 3.33 EE
Video Card > 2 x ATI Sapphire 5870
Ram > 8 Gig Corsair Dominator GT

Now, before yesterday, with all the same equipment, except instead of 2 X ATI Vcards, I was running a single NVIDA GTS 250 card, I was running 40 - 50 fps in Dalaran.

Yesterday I installed the new ATI cards, and low and behold, 10 - 20 fps!

So, last night, I scoured the online forums, got driver sweeper, booted in safe mode, cleaned the NVIDA drivers, reloaded ATI drivers, got gpu-z to ensure my crossfire was working, got 3dMark06 and tested, came in at 28000. I just can't believe I can only run 10-20 fps in WoW.

With this setup I should but running at least the 40-50 fps I was running with the single GTS card. I am just at ends with this and am really hoping someone out there has an idea of what I might do.

By the way, the only setting I have changed is the shadow setting in WoW. I had to take it up one notch, becuase where it was I was getting a shadow strobing effect. The shadow setting is still two ticks from full though. I just think I should be able to run on Ultra with this setup no problem....but common, 10-20 fps! Please help!

edit...btw, running XP sp 2 < windows 7 tomorrow.


Diabled the crossfire bridge and now running 60 - 80 fps in dalaran. ATI said they have a new driver coming out tomorrow that might help with the issue, but who knows. Apparently wow just doesn't like dual cards. When is that new expansion coming out again?...........Ty

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October 22, 2009 at 09:41:16
WoW newest expansion comes either the 1st November 2010 or
the 24th September 2010. Besides this i dont know much about
pc's but im sure the game itself is not at fault, and i dont think
getting the expansion will fix this problem.

By the way in dalaran on my GeForce 7800 gs i run 30 fps +
medium to full settings so there must be something wrong with
your graphics card or your mobos. ( coming from someone who
knows nothing xD ) just thought i would add my 2c

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