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facing a problem during gaming

Dell Studio xps 16 laptop computer (inte...
March 25, 2010 at 09:31:10
Specs: Windows Vista
Hi..I have the this laptop (dell studio XPS 1640
with centrino core 2 duo P7350@2.00GHz, 4
GB RAM, ATI radeon HD 4670 1GB running on
Vista 64 bit). I got this game NFSMW from
Amazon for £6,but it only plays for 15
mins,then there is a lag & it hangs up
eventually..Removin the disc makes the comp
also to freeze..I bought a second cd of
NFSMW .even this has the same prob. I dont
know where the prob lies- with the graphics
card or the game.i have updated the graphics
driver..kindly help..Thanks!

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March 25, 2010 at 09:45:03
i'd put my money on overheating graphics.

the only things you can do about that are a) make sure fans are not clogged with dust, b) keep on a flat surface, not your lap, and c) use in a cool room.

do you have any software for monitoring temps? after you game for a while and it crashes, have you checked BIOS for system temps? i'll bet they're high.

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March 25, 2010 at 14:16:06
Hi there..Thanks so much for your valuable reply..really
appreciate it..i jst got done talking to a Dell tech..He has
installed the graphics/video driver to the updated oct 09 ver
which was available on the ATI website..Then he did
something with the BIOS..I havent got a clue what that was
for. I have re-installed the game again only to find the same
tiring result. This game should really work with this machine.

I dont have any software for monitoring temps.. Where can i
find it?..also how can i check BIOS for system temps after
gaming for a while. sorry i'm not that tech savvy.. Only if you
could help. I'll try to play the game again on a low setting and
will follow all your above instructions.. Please follow
up..Thanks a lot..

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March 25, 2010 at 17:12:38
You know what mate..Thanks so much .I followed your
suggestions exactly the way you listed them out earlier.. and
guess what..the game works perfectly on my laptop..that too
on a completely maxed out settings ...i played it for 3
hours..didnt face any problems ..not even a single lag..These
were the basics which i missed to follow i guess..

If you dont mind. could u tell me more about this monitoring
temps and the BIOS things which you asked me earlier.

Thanks a lot..

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March 26, 2010 at 05:33:56
One thing which I noticed today was that when I played this
game literally for 2 hours non-stop, there was a small lag..The
graphics card was taking a hit i believe.but then the base
wasn't that damn hot..The problem specifically with this Dell
model is that there is a single fan that too placed on the
extreme upper left corner,,when I open the screen lid, it
blocks the air vents and the hot air is blown out unevenly ..a
little bit flows upwards and affects the LED this a
problem for the screen in the longer run..also is this normal for
the graphics card to be heated in 2 hrs..when i take out the
disc, all the other comp applications run a bit slow..Restarting
or letting it to cool down is the only option that I find..Whats
your suggestion on both these concerns..Please

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March 26, 2010 at 06:31:54
I found this:

"The biggest problem with the 1640 is it’s horrible thermal design. It cannot handle the ATI 4670 (or probably even the 3670) and they should have never offered this type of graphics solution in a thin suffocating chassis with poor airflow. Let me explain: Air intake is on the bottom of the chassis and there is only one fan. Both the CPU and Video card heat pipes actually join in the same area where the single fan attempts to remove heat. The exhaust is blown out thru vents on the back of the chassis. However, the 16" display panel when opened blocks this exhaust vent!! Seriously? Yes seriously!

The result: When web browsing and doing other routine stuff, the system gets pretty hot to the point where just touching the mouse pad gets a bit uncomfortable. When gaming, forget it. You can run about 10-15 minutes with the fan running full blast before the system overheats and begins to throttle back… way back and this is on a flat cool surface where airflow is optimal. Don’t even think about putting this thing on your lap. Game over… literally.

The XPS 16 will have a short lifespan due to its poor thermal design. The heat will cause stress fractures to occur in solder joints over time due to expansion and contraction. If you use it regularly, expect this thing to last between 12 and 24 months before a hardware failure occurs."

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March 26, 2010 at 10:56:33
Jam's quotation doesn't surprise me, that sounds like a pretty beefy graphics card for a laptop chassis...

as for monitoring temps, reboot and enter the BIOS (typically by tapping DEL or F12 or something during bootup). There should be a category like "System Monitor" or "Hardware Monitor" or something like that. This should tell you things like CPU Temperature, fan RPMs, etc. Keep in mind that the hardware has time to cool off between when it crashes and when you get into the BIOS...

There are also 3rd party software options that run in Windows that monitor your temperatures in real time, but this software must be compatible with your motherboard hardware. I know "Motherboard Monitor" is a popular temperature monitoring tool, but like i said, it has to support your specific hardware.

might be worth investing in one of those laptop cooling docking stations. at the very least, roll a pencil under the back of the laptop when it's on a tabletop, to create a small cushion of air.

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March 26, 2010 at 12:39:11
Thank you guys for this informative feedback..I thoroughly
understand the cons of this machine. Now that I have bought it, i
will spend some extra cash on a cooling pad/stand...The Belkin
one fan stand seems to be okay I guess..any particular one you
wish to recommend.?.


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