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Fable 3 PC Black Screen And Cursor

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Ive installed and re-installed game twice,
I found the xlive.dll file and thats now not a problem but every time it loads up (even when i have opened the windows marketplace) it just shows me a black screen with the gold fable cursor. My laptop is an asus k55a(if that helps?)
the windows marketplace i have was installed correctly as admin and I no longer have the windowslive redistributable.. I really dont think its a problem with graphics or ram ect but Ive tried everything I can think of and also whats been suggested(things about windows marketplace and the screen resolution ect)
Any help?


1 Answer

  1. Have you reinstalled the GFWL client in Windows 7 compatibility mode?

    Do you have DirectX, OpenGL, etc. up to date?

    “…and the screen resolution ect…”

    What exactly do you mean by this?

    User Info Page Biography for full specs.

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