Does anyone know how to open a GAT file?

November 29, 2017 at 04:44:09
Specs: Windows 7
This may, or may not be the appropriate place to ask this since I've only just found this place, but I am reaching desperation, here.

Recently I've been trying to find the soundtrack to an old PS1 game I used to play which is ridiculously obscure, and was lucky enough to find a rom of it. Well, rather some Cue, and Bin files, and once opened, everything inside was in a GAT file extension. Textures, models, the sound, even the end credits. Normally I'd search online, find how to open it, and probably download a software for a day just to extract what I want before uninstalling it. That's what I would do, but somehow a GAT file extension has practically no documentation.

I know it has to be something similar to a zip file of some kind given they are all generalized in name with the one I want to open being called K_MUSIC.GAT. This might be an entirely fruitless effort, but I'm desperate to have some assistance in trying before I call it quits.

(I have no idea what to categorize this under, so I'll just put it in PC gaming since it was a game)

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November 29, 2017 at 04:53:49
rename it as K_MUSIC.txt & open it in notepad

also what game? maby i can help you out

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November 29, 2017 at 10:35:36
I named it to K_MUSIC.txt, and while I ocasionally found something that looked like it could be a file name inside such as "haikei14.tim", it was mostly gibberish.

As for the game, It really is beyond obscure by this point, though it is called RC Helicopter. Here's a video of it.

Also... Apparently a lot changed since I searched for the soundtrack last in 2015, since apparently it was uploaded mid 2016. That said, even though my intentions for opening this file are partially gone, I still would appreciate the help just so it can be documented somewhere so others will be able to find actual information on these files to extract them, save them the trouble I had trying to find something. Hopefully you can help figure this out.

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November 29, 2017 at 14:34:07

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December 3, 2017 at 13:15:58
Riider, while that did help with a few things, the software in the video does not seem to be able to extract audio, just video, and pictures. The audio file, which I now know is RADI.GAT, is still compressed into that archive. While this is great for textures, and video, I still would like to know if there's a way to extract audio.

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