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September 13, 2009 at 04:30:27
Specs: Windows 98, PIII 800/ 256 MB RAM
I have a very old computer with Windows 98. This had to be formatted and after formatting,
i am unable to install some other games/ softwares because the display has now changed to
16 color. (Before formatting 256 color was available). I tried to change it back to 256
color, but system does not allow selection of any other display. I have a monitor which
shows as LG 500G in system, and display adaptor as standard PCI graphics adaptor VGA.
Mother board is zida technologies, bxi atx and the sound card is CT4810. Which drivers
do i need to install to get the 256 color combination back..
(Note - THe computer is not connected to net. I will have to install any driver through CD.)

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September 13, 2009 at 07:27:47
When you formated, you lost all the drivers. You should have backed them up BEFORE you formated or at least made a note of all your devices so you'd know what to download.

Why was it necessary to reformat?

"THe computer is not connected to net. I will have to install any driver through CD"

Then you're going to have to download the drivers using a different computer, burn them to a disc, then install them. At the very least you will need motherboard chipset, video & sound drivers.

"display adaptor as standard PCI graphics adaptor VGA"

That's just a generic listing showing that no drivers have been loaded. If you don't know which video card you have, open the case & look for a model number on the card. And since you'll have the case open, you'll be able to identify the exact motherboard model number & chipset used on the board. You may also be able to identify the board from the BIOS string along the bottom of the POST screen during bootup.

"Mother board is zida technologies, bxi atx"

Zida Technologies is long gone. Their boards were known as "Tomato", if that's any help...here's an example:



"the sound card is CT4810"

That one I *may* be able to help you with.


If that doesn't work, go to the following site, click OTHERS, then look under ARCHIVED PRODUCTS:


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September 14, 2009 at 07:40:13
I checked and found that the display card is SIS6215 v2 and os is windows 98. I am searching for the drivers, do let me know in case u know where to get these. (not available on manufacturers site)

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