crysis game will not proceed

August 2, 2009 at 11:56:58
Specs: Windows Vista, intel core 2
I kill all the north korens in nanode suits and what to be evacuated by plane. The plane never comes

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August 5, 2009 at 16:32:24
i got stuck in exactly the same place. There ended up being some punk enemy, CAMO'd, but not attacking. He just stood there holding still, not shooting, not even moving. I scoured the surrounding area one blade of grass at a time until I finally found his shimmering transparent image...and blasted it.

I will try to describe where I found him as best I can, but I do not recall the N,S,E,W orientation which will make it harder.

Consider the walled off graveyard you need to clear for the plane to land. South of there (6 oclock), the terrain becomes too steep to proceed. West of there (9 oclock) is the entrance into the graveyard. North of there (12 oclock) is open air and i think eventually water. East of there (3 oclock) the foliage gets thicker, and dirt mound rises up several feet above the ground level in the graveyard. Got the orientation I am struggling to describe?

The camo'd korean who isn't attacking -- at least in MY game -- was in the NE position (between 1 and 2 o'clock) . He was standing next to a tree where the dirt mound rises about 4 feet, so he was facing and overlooking the whole graveyard landing site.

Standing in front of him should still kick on your detected meter, like you know you're being seen, and if you hide it drops back again, but even when it's maxed out red the guy won't attack. Take off your own camo so he can see you easily, and approach his direction from the center of the landing site. If the detection meter drops, shift around a little until it turns red again, and continue moving away from the center of the landing site.

good luck!

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