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cant install or play elderscrolls III IV &V since steam

Gateway laptop / Nv78
November 11, 2012 at 13:42:58
Specs: Windows 7, 3% / 4 gb
since i uninstalled steam i cant get games to install from cd. only one i mainle play r elderscrolls III IV V. skyrim played for short time but all files kept installing in c: users\public\microsoft\windows vista. Irun windows 7 home premium.Oblivion stopped installing @ said either missing a file or cab not ready orinstaller cant read file. tes construction set says missing file to unistall when i click on setup.exe. Morrowind cant find any files

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November 12, 2012 at 07:54:02
How did you uninstall steam? did you remove from control panel or did you just delete the folder?

also, how are you installing your games from a CD/DVD or frome your hard drive? if you are installing from a CD/DVD try copying the content to a folder on your hard drive and install from there.

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March 22, 2013 at 05:57:57
I tried to uninstall steam from control panel., but it never would finish.,,i let it keep working while I went to the store,for 3 hrs., still said wait till program is finished uninstalling. waited for 1hr more., said this isn't right..As fed up w/steam as I was I deleted what was left, then went through every file & got rid of everything that was steam and steam related. Steam was even in w/gamefly so I just uninstalled it also. I uninstalled all my elders scrolls including saves & start fresh. So went bought external hp cd-rom drive & morrowind installed fine but not oblivion goty So I went out & bought it again thinking my other obliv. was maybe old & the problem., but wouldn't install it would pull up the files but auto run said it couldn't read it wrong format . then i looked @ the box it looked different & it was ..It said "what do you want to do with your pictures.,, it says that for all the cds except morrowind & music cd's. Skyrim wont even install, was desperate enough to try it..I'm not a pc whiz ill try what you suggested never done it b 4 .Not sure what folder to copy it to for the hard drive, but will see what I can do thank you, I have ran out of LOGICAL ideas. I downloaded a driver for my lg phone to import photos & thats what had to change autoplay to pictures only..have any ideas on how to change it back?? maybe its to do with the registry?

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