Cannot remember an old PC ww2 game

January 24, 2015 at 14:16:37
Specs: Windows 98
Ok I have asked this before, cannot remember an old PC ww2 game, I had a demo of it in the late 90's early 2000's, It was bird eye view, you started with all your units on the screen, in the demo it started out with 2 selectable missions, either Allied or German, german mission was a load of tanks and troops and trucks on the left hand side of the map (no hexagons on the screen btw) and you had a bar on the top right corner that has pictures of planes in it that allow you to call airstrikes on a target but every time you use them they lose 1 plane (start with 3 and drop with each use so 9 uses in total with the 3 icons) you could select your troops and blow up building with them and the enemy tanks would roll at you from the right hand side of the screen, you could also put your troops in trucks to move them and also had motorbikes with side cars. on the allied demo campaign you had to escape basically from the left to the right with lots of german troops and tanks in your way so you had to be extremely strategic or you lose all your troops. now for the life of me I cannot think what this game was! ow and the initial screen where you chose what side you wanted to play you had a german officer or an allied officers face you had to click, once you clicked they would state something and it would begin. it is NOT command and conquer, axis and allies, commando, company of heroes..... something more like counter attack rings more bells but that doesnt seem to be right either. the demo was on a pc gaming magazine cover on a green disc if I remember. Any Ideas Guys???? this has been bugging me for years!

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January 24, 2015 at 19:24:50
Sounds to me like it could have been one of the sudden strike games

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