Can someone remember the name of one game?

October 12, 2010 at 05:02:40
Specs: Windows 95 ?
Can someone help me find this game.
I was a about 9-13 years old when i played it on my fathers PC at work, it was around 1998 +/- 3 years.
I cant remember much, but few things is still in my mind..
I think it was a side scrolling 2d game .. All the background was kind of dark,
I could run around,jump [not sure about ducking], with my good guy/character , and probably shoot
(but i am not sure,just for 80%) monsters/bad guys.
The game started in dark evening .. my Character was on the street , i think by the tree, and then he needed
to go to a huge house, where all the main action is going on..
That huge house, had many floors, with few stairs here and there, and a lot of doors.. And monsters or bad guys
walking all around the floors.. Not sure about spiders or bats, but i think that they also were somewhere in the game..
All the game colors were kind of dark, and all the action (at least at the beggining of the game) were
going on in the huge house..
Thats all i can remember, i would really apreciate if someone could try to remember the name of this game...

I draw a bad picture of the beggining of the game, though i cant remember the colors , but it was dark... And the game looks much better, then in my drawwing..

Thanks for any help!

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October 12, 2010 at 05:49:09
Dangerous Dave and the haunted mansion .. i found it

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