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Call Of Duty 1 Lagging Issues

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Hi everybody had a question in call of duty 1 lag issues. I have a brand new emachiens e525-2200 laptop with and intel celeron processor and 3gb of ddr2 ram. Whenevver i pla call of duty it lags severely. I just bought this computer and cod will work on older laptops but not mine.. Anybody who might know any solutions? Thanks


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  1. I checked the specs of your laptop & it appears your graphics is the Intel GMA 4500M. Here’s a bit of a review:…

    And if you have a look at the following chart, the GMA 4500M isn’t very good for gaming. Make sure you have the game settings dialed way down & since it’s a new laptop, make sure there isn’t a ton of bloatware installed & running in the background:…

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