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October 26, 2009 at 09:52:58
Specs: Windows Vista
Im a heavy gamer but only get new pc's or new parts every 3-5 years so i need a good future proofing....:

I got 2 choices, one is to get a very good cpu such as the i5 or i7 but then wont end up getting a great gpu, at best will be a radeon HD 4770 and then i wont be getting another card for a while then.

second option is to take a a quad core Q8400 with a G31 mobo and throw in a good gpu such as the Radeon HD 5850 or the HD 5770 - 5750 but then it will be a very long time before i get a new cpu + mobo.

As for future proofing as a heavey gamer which option will last me longer? in both options i get 4gig ram, good enough psu and a decent case, I dont stay in the US and the prices where i stay are more expensive and different from the US, so i worked out the prices here and i cant change anything if i want to stay in budget, so i just need your opinion on which is better for future proofing

thnx :)

Look at these sights and if there's a card which is a better peformer for same price then please name it. (they ship) (best prices i think) (where i will get the q8400 build if i choose it)

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October 26, 2009 at 10:02:57
There is no such thing as "future proofing"...all you're doing is buying a little more time.

"I got 2 choices, one is to get a very good cpu such as the i5 or i7"

You realize that this choice means you'll also need to buy a new board & DDR3 memory, right?

"second option is to take a a quad core Q8400 with a G31 mobo"

Why would you get a G31 board? The G31 is already two generations behind. Which southbridge chip? ICH7? That's three generations behind!

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October 26, 2009 at 10:20:44
Well then instead of saying future proofing, which will give me a longer time before adding more time to it again?

And yes i do realize i will need a new mobo and ddr3 ram which wont be a problem since my current pc is a old agp mobo with ddr400 ram and at least a decent gpu ( GeForce 7800 GS i think) and i also know that none of these will work with any upgrade option i go with todays times, so everything is gonna have to be new.

With the q8400 way the only board which fits my budget will be the G31 unfortunatly

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October 26, 2009 at 10:40:10
Get mobo with p45 or p43 chipset(they are cheap), c2q q8400 is a good cpu, go 4 radeon hd 5850 and (2x2gb ddr2 800 or 1066)

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October 26, 2009 at 10:46:15
best way to "future proof" is get a solid motherboard/PSU, and skimp a bit on the CPU and GPU. If your mobo supports i5/i7 and has a PCIx slot (or 2), you can upgrade both components later. if you start with an LGA775 socket now, you're already out of upgrade options for the CPU.

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October 26, 2009 at 11:03:55
"With the q8400 way the only board which fits my budget will be the G31 unfortunatly"

You obviously haven't priced the Core i7, X58 boards & DDR3 memory then. Because if all you can afford is an already outdated G31 board, you'll never be able to touch an i7 setup.

The Q8400 goes for about $170, a G31 board costs about $50 & 4GB DDR2-800 costs about $75. Total of approx $300US.

The cheapest i7 is at least $100 more than the Q8400, X58 boards sell for at least $150 & 4GB DDR3-1333 goes for about $75. Total of about $500US.

And neither total includes a video card or power supply.

"and at least a decent gpu (GeForce 7800 GS i think)"

Think again. It may have been OK at one time, but now it's roughly as fast as a lowly $40 GeForce 9500GT.

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October 26, 2009 at 11:56:20
@ jam. He said he doesnt stay in the US making his prices
different and i would agree that he cant afford a i7 build if he
cant afford a p43 / p45 mobo but i followed his link, (Skyserv)
looks like they sell bundles with a mobo + i5 + ram for much
cheaper than the other sites he metioned making the i5 a

If i wear you i would go for a i5 build, leave a gpu for a while
and when xmas comes along ( if you have family or friends )
get them to help buy you a radeon HD 5850, if not just save
up yourself and then there will be plenty new gpu's by the new

o and that GeForce 7800 gs is still good if you ask me, runs crysis, prototype, basically still all the new titles at medium friends got one

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October 26, 2009 at 12:26:42
UpAndComing has got a point, if i go with a LGA 775 q8400 then my cpu upgrade options is basically closed already, i know there's better LGA 775 socket but i will hit a dead end sooner than a i5 or i7

Volcom and Jam i've done the math already, a i7 build will be without a gpu and only 2gig ram but i was planning on getting that new years way, but i dont think i will be able to get another 2gig ram there. With the i5 i can get 4gig ram and a radeon 4770 or maybe even a radeon hd 4850, with the q8400 i can get 4gig ram and a radeon 5850

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October 26, 2009 at 14:06:14
Like I said, the G31 northbridge is old, the ICH7 southbridge is even older. You should be looking at a P43 or P45 with ICH10. If you're not gonna get a good board, don't even consider a socket 775 build.

I have a better idea, dump the Intel idea completely & build an AMD AM3 system.

And btw, if you think the 7800GS is still a decent card in this day & age, have a look at this table & you'll see that among other cards, it's comparable to the 9500GT w/GDDR2:

And here's what is said about that card:

"Just be sure to stay away from the DDR2 versions of the 9500 GT, as the slower memory affects performance negatively with this card."

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