9400gt extreme overclocking review

August 9, 2010 at 03:24:41
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ok so as u may all know that the low profile 9400gt is a bad gaming card i used to have it now i have a gts 250 but im doing this review for all the people who have 9400gt and cant upgrade at the moment and are stuck with it
ill get to the point well i was sitting there bored and i figured why dont i get my 9400gt and test its performance on this pc :
intel core2duo E4400 @2.0GHZ
9400gt 1GB DDR2
the stock clocks for the 9400gt(inno3d version) are 333MHZ memory 1375 shaders and 550MHZ core
im sure it will work on other versions
now i used evga precision to overclock and got the folloing results from 550mhz to 750mhz on core
from 1375mhz to 1795 shaders, note here that the shaders increase in ~400 MHZ made the noticeable performance increase
from 333mhz to 370mhz on memory im sure the other versions of this card will get better memory clock increases.
i did some benshmarks on resident evil 5 and 3Dmark and i must say i got some improved results
on 3D mard the 9400gt was 3100 points which sux now its 4200 when overclocked still kinda low but improved on resident evil 5 1024x768 reso all high plus motion blur no AA or AF when not OC itrs abt 14 fps average when OC its 30 fps average and thats a huge imporovement i also tried crysis the results were impressive for a 9400gt with 16 shader cores at stock it gets 20 fps with 1024x768 medium settings OC it gets 35 fps
all in all to end this i can say the 9400gt becomes and "OK" card when overclocked a huge increase in performance and if anyone of u who read this i hope the moderator will keep the thread try overclocking the card and see the results be free to comment
and now im gunna place my gts 250 i hope i helped some dudes out there
the 9400gt becomes like a 9500gt when OC except for the shaders lol good luck

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August 9, 2010 at 09:20:26
the results isn't bad. Did u check gpu temp?
Also friend of mine own 220gt (ddr3) overclock it 50mhz(cpu, shader, memory) and he is able to play crysis high settings (1024x768) and get 30fps.

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August 9, 2010 at 22:09:17
yea temps are at load when overclocked about 70 degrees maximum minimum 63 degrees idle 51 i was surprised to see that

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