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February 15, 2010 at 13:29:24
Specs: windows 98?
Its doing my head in, out of the blue, tonight i
remembered a pc game i played as a kid in
the 90's. The main thing i remember is that
you had to catch green mice. They may have
been blind if my memory is right, and they
each played an individual instrument. When
you caught a mouse, they would play a solo
and join the rest of the band. It was your quest
to get them all, in time for some big
performance, or to stop the hotel falling apart
or something.
this 'hotel' as i am led to recall somehow had
lots of random rooms. You had a map, you
could go to the attic, into people's messy
rooms, and there was some kind of alarm
system which told you which rooms there was
a mouse in at any given time.
I remember you also had tools which were of
a limited amount which could catch the mice
easier traps etc perhaps, or bait.
The game was point and click. the background
was interactive, objects could be clicked, they
would then play their sequence, and if the
mouse was hiding there it would dart off
somewhere and you would have to click it to
catch it.

as far as i remember there may have been a
little more to it, but what i would give to play it
again, it was v cool. However i do suspect it
wasn't a big title, however i can almost
remember the box!
I may also remember having to play in dos,
buuuut i may be totally wrong and getting
any help would be much loved and

cheers, ryan

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September 24, 2010 at 13:10:56
Sorry to get your hopes up by posting a reply but I am also looking for the same game. Have tried googling every single variation on 'game green mice' i can think of but with no joy.

Will let you know if I have any luck. It was an excellent game.


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October 2, 2010 at 06:51:18
haha, me too guys. any luck?

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