wifi adapter is flaking out on me ! on off on off

February 23, 2013 at 13:17:06
Specs: Windows XP, 3500+ amd 4gig
Gateway unit amd 3500+ processor had pci WG311v3 netgear adapter with antenna that quit working , i removed the drivers for that unit and added a newer usb portable adapter from netgear, model WG111V3 hasnt worked right since the unit comes on and then goes back off green to red, green to red every 4 or five seconds, reloaded the drivers but no luck do you have a fix for this ??????

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February 27, 2013 at 19:38:38
There could literally be a few things wrong here.. however, USB adapters only really have a life expectancy of about two years max before they start going bad; that's why they're so cheap.

What I would do for the wireless problem is verify and see if two programs are trying to provide you wireless connections. Because I know that with some Netgear stuff, the Netgear utility will provide you with wireless, but as Windows see's this, their utility will then come on and do the same thing. Only one program at one time can provide you wireless. Once this is verified we can move onto another possibility. :)

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April 19, 2013 at 00:19:09
First, you MUST uninstall any software that came with the Netgear card, as if there is any running netgear software with that, it will block all other wireless networking cards, as well as the Windows wireless utility from working, favoring the netgear software instead.

I would HIGHLY recomend better wireless equiptment than you have. If you want a USB wireless card, use the Ubiquti "Wifistation", this is the best wireless card I have ever used. It has the FCC max allowable output power of 1000mw (one watt), and an Atheros chipset.
If you would like a replacement for the netgear card you have now, I would suggest the Engenius EPI 3601S (keenan wireless). Either of these will set you back about $30. But if you use the 3601S, you MUST uninstall the drivers for the Netgear card with the hardware manager, as these use the exact same Atheros chipset, and windows wont know which is which. The only differance between your netgear card and the 3601S is that the transmit power on the netgear is between 25mw and 45mw, while the 3601S has 600mw. I would go with the wifistatation EXT, the one with the detachable antenna (same price), it's got a 10ft usb cable, and it's weather resistant, so it can go outside where the good reception is.

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