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White Screen After Attempting Graphics Driver Updates

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So, after Steam suggested that I search for updates for my graphics drivers, I did. I updated my drivers and all seemed fine until I tried watching a video on youtube. The video space turned green, not allowing me to watch it and I got the error message that a driver had stopped working, but recovered. I decided that it would be best to undo the updates. I opened up System Restore and restored back to before I updated the drivers. Thing is….when I tried to log in, it wouldn’t show my desktop….it just goes to a white screen. I’m able to start in Safe Mode (which I’m in right now) but I can’t get it to do anything but the white screen when not in Safe Mode.

I’m using an ATI Radeon 4200 graphics card. Computer is an Hp Pavillion p7-1074


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  1. Hi Darkened Dante,

    It sounds like your graphics drivers have become corrupted. Don’t panic.

    At least you can get in on Safe Mode, so now you will have to do the following to get you back up and running again:

    1) Download the most up-to-date drivers from for your graphics card / Windows 7

    2) a) Whilst in Safe Mode, right-click on My Computer, go to Manage.
    b) On the left pane, look for Device Manager, click it, then locate your Graphics (also known as VGA) device on the right.
    c) Right-click on this and uninstall it. If it asks whether you want to delete existing drivers select Yes.
    d) Restart your PC

    3) Your PC should restart, and so long as it’s connected to the internet, should install some workable Windows drivers to get you started in Normal mode.

    4) Now install the latest ATI graphics drivers you previously downloaded, then do a quick restart to check all is well.

    Follow this and all should be well – best of luck to you.

    Kind regards,


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