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Solved Which Realtek I2s Codec

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My windows 10 installed audio device codec driver says, Realtek i2s Codec. I know that usualy if you install the actual Realtek driver you get an application with lots of equalizer options. I cant seem to figure out though which i2s codec to install because Realtek has a list of them….

The Device manager shows a Hardware id of acpi\10ec5640. I found some info online that lead me to believe there was a realtek alc5640. Did not find any drivers down this path.

Please help I want the latest drivers/Realtek released drivers/Sound Options.

Intel z3735f cpu


1 Answer

  1. Atom CPU with just 2GB RAM? Is it a tablet or a laptop? The best place to get your drivers or at least your hardware info would be from the manufacturer’s website or your manual. If you check the Realtek site, you’ll see that many of their audio chips use the I2s interface:…

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