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Solved Webcam Unsupported Driver Automatically Installs

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I have installed Dell Webcam Manager and whenever I enter Webcam Center it says:
“No supported webcam driver detected. Please install the webcam driver using the Dell Resource CD (Which I don’t have) and Launch Webcam Center again.”

Whenever I uninstall Imaging Device driver, which is called (Integrated Webcam):
“USB\VID_1BCF&PID;_280A&MI;_00” (Which is obviously not supported O,o) at Device Manager

I restart my PC and it installs it back again automatically – the s— driver that is not even supported!

Please help, what do I do? I remember having Windows 7 ULTIMATE SP1 and the webcam driver and software installed it automatically on first startup, now I have Windows 7 Professional SP1 and it didn’t do that as in ULTIMATE… How do I get right drivers for Dell Vostro 3750 online, I can’t find any… And I don’t think it’s even USB as it says it is cause its intergrated


1 Answer

  1. HWInfo hardware identification software, should be able to identify the OEM Manufacturer

    or Unknown Device Identifier Software:

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