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Sound Not Working After BSoD

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I got a new Lenovo Flex 4 2-in-1 laptop with Windows 10 a few days ago and it has worked great until today when I was watching a video and randomly everything froze. I tried opening task manager and pressing the power button and neither worked. After about a minute it showed the “sad face” screen and restarted. Now everything works fine except when I try to play audio, whether through speakers or headphones, it pops when starting and doesn’t make any sound. When I listen through headphones, a distorted humming noise happens when I try to play sound. The noise only happens when I am using headphones and am trying to play sound. I updated the sound drivers but it didn’t change anything. I use this computer to produce music so it would be very helpful if someone could fix this problem; otherwise I will have to return it. Thanks


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  1. This is a new laptop, and is faulty…? Return for a full replacement, a new laptop, or a full money refund. Make use of the warranty…!

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  2. Perhaps this might help. Complete the following steps, in order, until sound is restored.

    Step 1: Use the audio troubleshooter

    Step 2: Reinstall the audio driver

    Step 3: Update the audio driver

    Step 4: Use Microsoft System Restore

    These are the basic steps to perform to solve the issue. You can click here to see them in a more detailed manner, or you can see this answer from hp:……

    Let me know if it works.

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