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Lost Installation CD For Retail Plus Webcam RP-CAPU-835-BP

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Hello All,

I lost the installation cd for Retail Plus Webcam RP-CAPU-835-BP.

Any source to download the drivers?

Manufacturer no longer provide support.

Thanks for your help,



1 Answer

  1. From what I could find, this webcam was designed for Win98 thru Vista, so even if you can find the drivers, they probably won’t be Win10 compatible.…

    I found this in the product description on another site:

    “RetailPlus Hi-Resolution Notebook Webcam (640 x 480). Small clip-on design to save space. 360 degree rotation design to avoid blind spot. The webcam requires no driver installations to run on windows XP or later. Simply plug in the camera and start video chatting! You don’t need to worry about downloading or bringing your drivers along!”

    EDIT: I did some more digging & came up with the following. Try the 4th one down on the list. Click Free Download, then Download Now, prove you’re Not a Robot, then the download will begin.…

    I downloaded it & had a look at the INF file. The camera appears to be based on the Vimicro 0303 chip so this link may also be of help:…

    Good luck!

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