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How To Set Shortcut Key In NirCmd

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Trying to use toggle mute from nircmd; can’t set shortcut key. It states, “None”, and I can’t change the word “None”.


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  1. Well, I’d not used Nircmd but have now downloaded it. On my Win 8.1 it didn’t want to copy the zipped files into the Windows folder so I did it manually.

    I ran the command (line 11 – as per my previous link). An icon called “Switch Volume” arrived on the desktop and sure enough I could toggle the sound on and off just fine.

    Nothing more I can suggest except when you get to Command Prompt Copy/Paste the line in:
    nircmd.exe cmdshortcut “~$folder.desktop$” “Switch Volume” mutesysvolume 2

    That will make darned certain it is 100% correct. Any minor error, such as a space missing, could prevent it working.

    Always pop back and let us know the outcome – thanks

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