Solved How to remove screen message, and is that all?

October 8, 2014 at 22:24:02
Specs: Windows XP, Pentium 4 256 RAM
Message: I was using my AVG (paid version) window, when a pop up suggested that I update drivers. I had clicked and let it do an analysis which said it had found 15 drivers that needed updating. I had clicked on the first of a list then suddenly changed my mind because I noticed the Kx name had came up, saying it was an authorised associate of AVG (or some such). Warning bells! In the PC's control panel I deleted the programme. However a message appears every time I turn on the PC: "Error initializing your Audio Card. Please reinstall drivers. If you haven't rebooted after set up please reboot now. If the Kx set up is currently in progress, ignore this message". I have done a System Restore to well before I downloaded the Kx driver upgrade programme. However the message is still on the PC screen when it rebopoted after the system restore. Has anyone any comments please

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October 9, 2014 at 01:08:14
Sounds like malware, junkware etc.

Download and run these to start with.

Malwarebytes (use the free version):



Junkware removal tool

These all free; regularly recommended here; safe to use.

Likely you will have other pests present too, but first deal with one about which you already know.Then advice can be offered by pholks various on further utilities to apply to fully clean the system.

Incidentally when installing "any" software you download, use the custom installation option, not the automatic... Carefully uncheck "any/all" prechecked boxes - so as to ensure you install "only" the software you actually want. Almost all downloaded stuff these days is preconfigured to "auto mode" and includes an assortment of "helpful options and changes various" - all of which you need to avoid like the plague.

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October 9, 2014 at 05:47:07
Thank you trvir. I had to stop trying earlier and rest. I will let you know how I progress in due course. I haven't been very successful so far. Somehow I have n't been able to access that free malware you recommended.

Did you mean one of the suggestions, or all of them at once?
I am surprised that my AVG paid anti-virus did not notice

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October 9, 2014 at 06:13:42
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Run them all - one at a time of course...; and in that order. Each will junt for and deal with different pests...

JRT (the last one) will install itself on the desktop as an icon; from where you run it. It opens a small dos style window which is where it tells you what to do accordingly.

Surprised you can't access the malwarebytes site though; I've just tried it from the message above and the link works fine...?

If you still have problem accessing their site.. google for it and ensure you get the "free" version - it does all one usually needs...

Anti-virus utilities miss a lot of nuisance "stuff",and frequently more serious too; and if it's allegedly something via AVG then I wouldn't be surprised that it did "miss it"...

Most of use here use freebie anti-virus utilities; as the seem to work well... Each has his/her preference of course for a given anti-virus utility of course...

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October 9, 2014 at 07:01:00
Hi trvir. Yes, thank you. I have the Malwarebytes now, free version. It has done its scan. The trouble is that I haven't enough knowledge to get the best out of it. I might have to eventually call an engineer. The "enable" and "disable" are not always something I can answer other than guess! Also whether quarantined items are important to keep. I have kept everything!
I obtained the programme direct from their website. Although a lot of things have been quarantined by Malwarebytes they say they didn't find any malware.
I have to go out now but will keep hold of the e maii that gave your reply and instal the others. My main trouble was getting back to Log In on Tom's guide to reply to you. I will press on with the other suggestions later on.
I originally chose the AVG package because of the Firewall included in the paid version. They stopped offering a Firewall in the free version. I didn't know what to do so opted for the paid version.

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October 9, 2014 at 07:22:36
Anything any of the utilities "quarantine" you can usually delete.

Similarly with all of those utilities one can generally and safely "tell them" to simply find and clean/delete (or however they put it).

If anything is quarantined.. invariably it's at least suspect; more often "known" to be a pest...

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October 9, 2014 at 07:43:03
Thanks again. I will be brave later this evening and delete something from Malwarebyte's quarantine..
I recognised one pest as the scan bypassed my eyes - namely, Babylon. I thought I had got rid of that ages ago. It once pushed in as my chief search box name.

I have to face it - the PC is a bit of a dinosaur in the IT world.
There is little doubt that it has become extremely slow and "difficult" of late,
unresponsive too. Also I know I am at risk with the XP. (I don't really know why Win 8 is shown as on this PC) I won't bank over the internet.
My use is well within the PC's capabilities though, as a couple of years ago I paid an engineer to increase the RAM. .I look forward to installing the other programs. With the added security I can probably keep it going a bit longer. I already had CCleaner but I get to the point of deletion and am scared I will delete something vital.

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October 9, 2014 at 08:01:54
CCleaner makes a registry backup.

Also most of the utilities set a restore point too. And ideally one copies all personal files to external storage too before scanning (typically dvd but an external hard drive too if possible)...; and also scans them (the externals storage medium) later when home system is clear...

There are other "clean out" utilities too to run which almost certainly find and remove stuff that slows down the system... Once you've run the above items, see how it goes; and post back for more input... Quite possibly JohnW (he's way south of here - almost in the Antarctic...) will chip in advise further too. He's one of a small group here "very up" on the pest deletion and so on... Derek, XpUser4Real, Daveincaps..., fingers - to name but four immediately; and there are others too equally qualified/experienced...

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October 9, 2014 at 16:41:08
Trvir: Thank you.
My eyes will glaze over if I hear from the other tech guys you mention! As it is, I do not know what to do with Awdcleaner now I have installed it. Again, it asks questions about whether or not I want to delete. I look at the titles of files and for all I know they could be the necessary PC core files.
I have the Junkware to instal yet.

CCleaner has long been installed. I have tried it a couple of times then am too anxious to delete what it has highlighted after the clean-up.

Re back up of entire PC: I have some CDs but that is as far as I've got. I always seem to want to use the PC when I a, at home. I realise that what you think of as easy will take me ages to do.

So far, the annoying screen Kx message is still there.I can click it away but I know it is lurking somewhere.. What puzzles me is that the message is re an Audio Card. I didn't ever have one, so I thought. I do not think anything is missing.
The PC is still struggling. I still need driver update which is why I started all this!
I'll let you know tomorrow (Friday) evening how I got on with the installations. TTFN.

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November 21, 2014 at 06:42:42
Copy and paste the ADWCleaner log on here if you want us to look at it, same goes for MalwareBytes. However, it is usually quite safe to go ahead with the Clean, I have never had it remove anything it shouldn't.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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