How to make my sound card work

February 6, 2019 at 11:42:56
Specs: Windows XP Service Pack 3, Pentium 4 3.4Ghz with 2GB RAM
My Sound Card is not detected on my PC.

I have a Dell Precision 370 desktop.

I have just reinstalled Windows XP due to a dead drive. Nothing is recognizing my Speakers (DVD making programs say I don't have the required audio hardware and iTunes says it won't work right until I plug some in) and msinfo32 and dxdiag don't show anything for the sound card.

I managed to find the Official Drivers on the Dell site:

But whenever I try to use the Sound Drivers (I just try the ones that say they're for my machine, I don't look at the model of card), this happens every time:

1. I open the file
2. It says what computer the driver is for
3. It asks me to choose a folder for the driver
4. The program says the Folder doesn't exist, do I want to create it? I say yes
5. It says that the driver is a multi-zipped file (I only downloaded the EXE file because that's all that was available!) and it says I need to put the disc (that I can't find) in. I click OK.
6. The program repeats Step 5 a couple times, then it gives up and says it failed because "one or more files weren't copied". (Of course they weren't!)

It is very frustrating.



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February 6, 2019 at 13:43:00
Do you have the SoundBlaster card or the ADI onboard sound? Make sure you're attempting to install the correct driver. After downloading the appropriate EXE file - either R92022.EXE or R78477.EXE - double click on it. It will unpack itself into C:\dell\drivers & should begin to install automatically. If it doesn't begin to install, go to the folder & start the installation manually. The folder you're looking for will be C:\dell\drivers\R92022 or C:\dell\drivers\R78477 depending on which driver you need. Open the folder & double click on Setup.EXE.

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