Solved how much power does an external DVD rewriter need?

January 7, 2015 at 11:46:58
Specs: Windows Phone 8.0
does an external dvd rewriter use same power as portable DVD? My laptop doesn't seem to give enough power to the external player. Got an acer aspire V5 so thinking that i need an external power source.

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January 7, 2015 at 15:23:57
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My own (limited) experience is that most of the current slim line etc. models will work with most current computers - but some of them will require you to use two usb ports; one for actual power and one for data. These models will usually have a Y cord with them; two male at the computer end the single usb connector at the drive end. These can be powered also via an external mains adapter, thus using only one usb port on the computer (for data). Some units can/will draw the power and data with a single usb plug at computer end - but it does require the computer to be one that can provide adequate power via a single usb port; not all laptops especially can provide power that way.

Larger external dvd units that are furnished with an a/c adapter which usually has a different connector for the power than a usb one often take more power than the slim line/portables. Slim line need usually somewhere between 0.5amp and 1.0amp at 5volts. Larger units may require have an a/c adapter at 1.0 - 1.5amp, and the power connector will not be a usb style one (and the volts delivered may be more like 9.0volts).

Some usb hubs (mains powered) may have at least one port that can provide adequate current (greater than 0.5amps) at 5.0volts, and this will be part of the spec. for that hub. The other ports will be limited to 0.5amp.

Personally i prefer to run any slim line/portable) external dvd unit via an a/c adapter, even if it is spec'd as ok using the laptop usb ports only... (one for data, and one for power). This of course when it's practical to do so; and on the move of course that isn't always the case, and then one has to tie up two usb ports. Any a/c adapter is better spec'd with say 2.0amps so as to be really sure you have adequate power available, regardless of make/model of portable unit? Having some decent headroom (spare/excess capacity) in terms of power is usually preferred in any situation.

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