Get autorun type feature running on an external usb HDD

November 27, 2012 at 17:51:22
Specs: Windows XP/7
Hey all, I've been searching the Internet for some sort of work around for the last few days to Microsoft's removal of the autorun feature from removable media. I understand how this feature is no longer possible on HDDs etc but it still works for CDs, (CDFS format).
I have a flash drive that I have been able to create a CDFS partition on and the autorun feature works exactly how I want it too, which is just starting a batch file from on the drive. Basically now I want to get this feature running on an external HDD because it will save me a lot of headaches and running around when my clients come to use them.
Is anyone able to guide me to some sort of resolution to my issue? I know it's going to be an easy fix, and I can't really install any 3rd party software or have scripts running on the clients computers.
Basically I just need to get autorun working on this HDD in a similar fashion to the flash drive I have. I have been unable to create a CDFS drive on the HDD like I did the flash drive, and I have tried burning an image of the Flash drive to a HDD but it doesn't copy the CDFS part of the flash drive. I have currently got a UDF partition on the HDD, and am wondering if it is possible to create an autorun to work off this?
If anyone wants to share ideas or have some sort of resolution it would be much apprecatied, I've tried to put in as much information I can about my issue and where I'm currently at with it.
Thanks in advance.

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November 27, 2012 at 17:52:18
Sorry if this is in the wrong category, I just guessed where to put it.

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