finding old rockwell modem drivers

January 16, 2011 at 11:19:27
Specs: Windows Vista, intel2.6gigHZ/12gigRam
I have a "rocket" deluxe V.92/90 PCI Data Fax Speaker phone Modem from maybe ten years ago. I used it with WIn 98 2000 and ME.
I now have Vista 64bit and don't have the cdrom drivers for it.
The chip numbers/info is: Rockwell 98 korea 11235-14 @9905 B76816.4
Smaller chip is a:Rockwell 97 Mexico #'s- RLVDL56DPF/SP @ R6785-61 @ 9909 B76765.4
Also printed/embossed on the circuit board is: 80=200V23B=2 94V-0
And it has jumpers named J13 in the middle. And jumpers C44.C47.R47,R46 which with out
the manual I have no idea what they are for.
I used the modem before and "Old" windows used to be "plug and play" and found it fine everytime I needed to reinstall the Modem.
It has jacks for speaker and microphone and data and phone. It is a PCI card so it fits in
my 2009/2010 Dell Intel cpu Computer fine.

See I have a new printer, also from Dell, and want to be able to Fax from the printer/scanner.
Yes, When I ordered the Dell I thought the Modem was built in and have argued with Dell
to exchange or remedy the situation. BUT they refuse to admit liability.
But when selling new PC's with motherboards with build in sound cards and modems etc.
It should have been a no brainer for the sales person. It seems when speaking with any tech support person for any reason they do exactly what you would do to find an answer.
They just type in a question etc. into their computer or browser and tell you what the screen
is "telling" them. Unless you want to pay the one hundred fifty dollars for "Premium support".

And then when a person does a Google /Bing search for like "Drivers for Modem" for example.
They get websites which state free download of drivers but actually they are selling a scanning program which is supposed to detect old drivers and update them. And want one hundred dollars for the program. Or worse , one of those "never ending" browser windows which go from one "Offer" to another which will actually never end if you do choose to "Pass" . And you will never get to a place to where you can download any driver. Just programs which cost money to actually work. Sure they will scan and report (usually incorrectly) older drivers. BUt to get the newer ones you must pay money first.
Well I wanted to get that information out there. Just incase a person is new to this type of "Scam".
These scams, especially the "never ending offer" clicking windows type. Are used for entertainment downloads like films which need a password to unzip. To almost every type of
information a person searchs for or wants to download.

OK. If any honest person can help me find the Rockwell Modem drivers for Vista I would appreciate it and be indebted to them.
I am thinking a generic driver but Vista just does not seem to be "working" for me when I try to install new hardware.

I have also had System seven for many months now. I refuse to install it because I would have to reinstall scores of applications and settings. My vista is not as fast as I would like. Even with
eight gigs of ram or maybe I have twelve. Anywz I have over one hundred gigs free HD space and defrag often with O'n O defrag, which is automatic. And several other defrag apps. And performace apps.

The free ones like crap cleaner and Avast are really the best ones.
CC is so great.
Well thx again.


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January 17, 2011 at 08:33:21
Very unlikely you'll find Vista drivers for such an old chipset, no-one will have bothered to write them. Your simplest solution is to get a USB fax/modem which are still readily available if you do a Google.

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