Solved Dimension 8400 w WinXP Pro will not accept network drivers

March 2, 2018 at 04:11:16
Specs: Windows xp pro, !GB Ram
Dimension 8400 not accepting network drivers. I am running Win XP Pro and I had to replace my power supply but the computer was booting slowly afterwards. I checked the BIOS and everything was as it was before the Power Supply was installed. I was having issues getting online with my wired network card. So I went into safe mode and noticed that there were 8 different network devices showing in Device Manager and 2 of them contained the words McAffee Anti Virus. This was really odd because I have never used McAffee and wouldn't ever so I deleted them from the Device Manager list. I couldn't remove them all because I got a message that they were needed during a reboot of the system. I went into the BIOS and turned off the wired network card thinking I could delete it and load new drivers fresh into the system. Well that didn't help either. The Dell drivers were not good enough for the wireless card so I got my Resource CD and removed the old one from C:/Dell/Drivers and installed a fresh copy of the drivers. - the message insisted that the new driver was the same as the one it was using and so it would not install them nor could it go online as there were "no drivers" installed. I have tried everything I can think of the network card on the motherboard will not accept the drivers. I installed a Linksys wireless card and I finally got that to accept the drivers but although it can connect to the router it cannot connect to the internet either. I have No solutions left. What am I doing wrong please

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March 2, 2018 at 05:07:59
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What were the symptoms of the bad power supply & what did you replace it with?

The latest network drivers on the Dell site are from 2013.
Version: Win XP v7.86/Win 2K v7.86 ,A01
Release Date: 24 Dec 2013
File Name: R87461.EXE
File size: 8.46 MB
Direct download >> R87461.EXE

The latest wireless drivers are from 2014.
Version: I8.1.50,CM2.03.17,DR3.3.34 ,A06
Release Date: 08 Jan 2014
File Name: R114874.EXE
File size: 19.95 MB
Direct download >> R114874.EXE

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