can I uninstall JMicron jmb38x flash media controller driver

September 25, 2012 at 08:15:47
Specs: Windows 7

I am not computer savvy by any means...and know that I do have an issue that is causing me to not watch videos. I keep getting messages to insall Flash Player, I do, but then it never shows up or says trhere is an error. This has been going on for several mnths now. Last night I swas told that maybe it won't install or function properly because it is conflicting with another program.

I found this "JMicron jmb38x flash media controller driver" in my progrma list, BUT it is not an original program. Meaning: I bought my laptop in 1999, and this Jmicron program was installed on my laptop in 2011...but not by me for sure.

I had a b/f that use to install stuff- without my permission and without my knowldge..this I am sure is on of those such programs he installed.

I have read this program cannot be installed because it would effect animation and other functions- yet I am not able to watch videos- so is this related to this issue I am having? The timing seems to be about right when I was no longer able to watch videos using Flash Player...that problem started around the same time I now see this program was installed.

Again, this JMIcron program was not part of my system, my package or any pre-installed programs when I bought my laptop in 1999.

So,,,,what is this program? Do I really need it?
Can I uninstall it?
What will/can happen (if anything) to my laptop, and functionality of it and other programs?

Any other information would be helpful, but please remember I struggle with computer lingo and how to navigate around problems. ( I can only basically do email, searches, research and word doc, upload pictures- thats about it)

Thanks so much!

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September 26, 2012 at 00:20:42
Yes, you can uninstall it, if it wasn't part of the original installation then it was installed when a card adapter was plugged in - if you don't have that adapter any longer you don' need the software.

As far as Flash is concerned, try uninstalling an reinstalling - the method, and a tool for a complete uninstall is available here:

and you can download the full installation package from here:

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September 26, 2012 at 05:45:51
Thank you for letting me know it can be removed..

I don't know what a card adapter is.....let alone remember anything to do with a 'plug-in. Is this software or hardware?
The only thing that has ever been added as far as hardware goes is a new key board.

So what is a plug-in and how do i search to see if I have it since your telling me this adapter would be associated with that plug-in- in order to see if I even have it- thus allowing me to remove this JMicron thing?

I did go to Help/Search to ask where to locate card adapters

I clicked onto 'Frequently Asked Questions'
- then read:

"Laptops don't have video cards. Laptops either have integrated graphics or a graphics processing unit (GPU) built into the computer in place of a video card."

I am even more confused now with that coming up. Is a 'card adapter' the same as a 'video card'?

If this is the case and they are one in the same....given the fact it says I do not have a card reader, is it safe to assume the JMicron Controller Driver - I mentionin my initial post - is something installed that is not needed or even compatible with my laptop or OS?

I am very confused but still trying :-/

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