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USB Boot Up Disk

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Hello all I am trying to make a boot up diskwith support for my USB 2.0 ATAPI CD-RW. I am tryimg to add it to a VIA Eden SBC, with a Eden 533MHz processor, USB1.1 controller. I am making the boot CD with Nero and adding files to the compilation through its console.

I have added all the files I need (I think) to my Floppy. I have my config.sys set as follows

DEVICE=HIMEM.SYS /testmem:off
DEVICE = USBASPI1.SYS rem From Panasonic and
DEVICE=USBCD1.SYS /DUSBCD001 rem I have used USBCD1 and 2

autoexec.bat as follows

@echo off


A:\GHOST -batch -rb -clone,mode=load,src=f:\FULLWMI.GHO.DST -SURE

I boot the CD I get booting from CD

Loading MS-DOS

Finding USB Controllers rem it finds the 2
Finding USB Devices
Finds the ATAPI CD-RW

Installed ASPI Manager

Bad or Missing USBCD1.SYS
Error in CONFIG.SYS line 3

Bad or Missing Command Interpreter
Enter correct name of Command Interpreter (eg. C:\COMMAND.COM

I have gotten that several times now, i have used different boot disks that I have downloaded and modified the config.sys and autoexec.bat, I have not used many different usbaspi but i have used version usbaspi1 from and also downloaded from Panasonic. I have used a couple different USB Drivers.

If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it, I am at my wits end as i was supposed to have finished the image ghosting yesterday.


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    First and foremost NERO is Windows Software, this is a DOS forum.

    Second Norton Ghost has built in support in the latest versions for USB.

    Third you would be better off as you obviously use Windows to use TRUEIMAGE from:

    Fourth if you are determined to insist on this being a DOS question then look at:

    Last but not least in PURE STANDALONE 16bit DOS we DOSERS use CDROAST for CD Burning as NERO/EZCD et al will not work


    Firstly Please read the post again, this was not a NERO question, if you read it then you would see i was merely stating what I was using.

    Secondly I used a Ghost Boot Disk and no it did not work.

    Thirdly Get off your high horse, there are many people on this “DOS” forum that are trying to boot up with a DOS boot disk into Windows using a USB CDROM or drive, I don’t see x86, or others getting so condenscending, they actually try to help people.

    Thirdly part B I will look into TRUEIMAGE or whatever it is.

    Fourth I have looked at that link prior to posting this question and it still did not help as my aotoexec and config.sys mimic their suggestions.

    Nero may not be the greatest, but i have been able to use it for other boot disks which did not require USB Drivers but i like free stuff so I will go to that burner.

    Now if you read the post my question is what is the best way to make a USB DOS Boot Disk , i have followed all the links that you provided, prior to me posting the original message and in fact have followed all the posts in this “DOS” Forum, these readings resulted in the autoexec.bat and the config.sys files that I posted which seem to be correct when compared to what others have posted, but all the “DOS” Boot Disks seem to be failing at the same part. That is at the “USBCDX.SYS” With the USB driver for the CD it seems not matching up with the CD RW. Has anybody seen this before, does it have something to the COMMAND.COM failure, does anybody have any real suggestions?


    First you need the following files:

    extract mscdex.exe
    *Self-extracting archive under MS Windows 95/NT4 or later*

    extract usbaspi.sys
    extract usbcd.sys

    you will aslo need:


    Next SYS A: the floppy disk

    Then the config.sys file:

    device=usbaspi.sys /v/w
    device=usbcd.sys /d:usbcd001

    Then the autoexec.bat file

    a:\mscdex.exe /d:usbcd001

    Test this on a boot floppy first, USB for DOS is experimental therefore why suggested TrueImage, and you stated NERO it is not DOS software but Windows hence you must be using Windows not Standalone DOS.

    I am not condenscending just being truthful, sorry you do not like my answers, and as for X86 he was BANNED from this forum.


    I work as a technicien for fortune 500 business and we look everywhere on the internet to find how to do this. We try with Nero and with ghost 2003 but ghost is not made for a USB BOOT DEVICE

    Our need was to make a USB boot disk for ghost multicast.

    We find a nice little tool made by HP called : HP USB DISK STORAGE FORMAT TOOL

    You only need to have a working Windows boot disk. When running this tool you only have to point the floppy and tool load the MBR from the floppy.

    After that, Select your USB boot in your BIOS and BAAAMM its working.

    The only thing is when booting you gonna the windows 98 Logo, dont pannic, stay calm its normal 🙂 we try figure how to remove it but the HP tool integrate the logo in the code somewere.

    Hope it can help.


    here the link for the tool

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